Kevin M. Levine

Executive Vice President | Partner

With over  nineteen years’ experience, Mr. Levine has developed a comprehensive skill set specializing in both  1031 tax-deferred exchanges and commercial real estate. At Peak 1031 Exchange, Levine oversees client files and counsels clients regarding 1031 exchanges. Having created an outstanding team of professionals in the real estate industry, he has brought Peak 1031 Exchange to a leading position in the field of Qualified Intermediaries.

Levine began his professional career at Merrill Lynch where he gained a firm understanding of the finance industry. He served as a bank examiner auditing financial institutions for the State of California. Levine’s experience in 1031 Exchanges has included complex reverse exchanges and build-to-suit transactions.

Kevin Levine, recognized as a leading 1031 exchange expert, has written several articles that explain the benefits of the 1031 exchange process. His articles have appeared in national real estate investment magazines and can be seen on the company’s website. In April of 2007, Levine was featured in an article of L.A. Direct where he spoke about the success behind Peak 1031 Exchange and how he has positioned it to stand apart from other exchange companies.
Kevin Levine received a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge. Peak 1031 Exchange, Inc. is an active member in the Federation of Exchange Accommodators.