Peak 1031 Exchange Leads Best of the Best

With high tax rates and even higher home prices, savvy property owners recognize California as the prime location for 1031 exchanges. There are however many rules and regulation to understand and it is imperative that you receive guidance from a competent and highly respected Qualified Intermediary to ensure full compliance with IRC Section 1031.

Inside1031.com recently completed a thorough audit of California 1031 Exchange Companies and we’re proud to have been hand-picked as one of the best in the State.

“Peak 1031 (Exchange) has decades of experience and most of their team has seen every possible type of exchange. They do not commingle client’s exchange funds and they hold the funds in a Qualified Escrow Account. Additionally, Peak 1031 has both fidelity bonds and errors and omissions coverage. This lets you rest easy knowing that your funds are being handled appropriately, and that in the case of emergency, you are covered by insurance.” – Inside1031.com

“We’re honored our team has been recognized for its exceptional knowledge, experience and stellar commitment to customer service. We’re proud to be listed as one of the best Qualified Intermediaries in the State” says Steve Rosansky, Esq., Senior Director / Partner Peak 1031 Exchange.

Kevin M. Levine, Executive Vice President Peak 1031 Exchange adds “We are honored to be recognized as one of the finest Qualified Intermediaries in the industry. At Peak 1031 Exchange, we work exceptionally hard to provide our clients with the greatest level of experience and expertise in the industry along with a value-add service they will simply not find anywhere else”.

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