Since the IRS’ passing of IRC §1031, investors have been permitted to engage in tax-deferred exchanges. The qualified intermediary function works within the procedural restrictions of the Internal Revenue Code to ensure a secure and trouble-free exchange.

Because the qualified intermediary role has become so vital to making valid property exchanges, choosing a qualified intermediary is an essential component to guaranteeing an “IRS safe” exchange.

Peak 1031 Exchange, Inc. is a qualified intermediary that offers our clients the expertise with fast, accurate and dependable service needed to complete a successful exchange. The value we bring to the table includes:

Expertise – 1031 Exchanges are a process of real estate transactions contingent upon adherence to strict provisions and deadlines requiring significant real estate experience. Our staff of highly-trained exchange specialists has substantial real estate experience and the expertise to handle even the most complex transactions.

Experience – Peak 1031 Exchange, Inc. has an exceptional track record. We have over 16 years of combined national experience and the ability to exchange properties throughout the United States.

Professional Affiliations – No other company can boast the professional affiliations Peak 1031 Exchange, Inc. has accumulated throughout the years. We are part of an integrated network of companies, the Peak Corporate Network,* that covers all facets of the real estate industry.

Support and Service – Peak 1031 Exchange, Inc. provides reliable and fast guidance, information and service, and a timeline of procedures. At Peak 1031 Exchange, Inc. our clients work directly with company owners and exchange specialists, not hired clerks or branch offices.

Security and Protection – Peak 1031 Exchange, Inc. ensures protection of exchange proceeds through the acquisition of the replacement property. We are a proud member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA).

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