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Refinancing 1031 Exchange Properties

For real estate investors, being able to access the equity that has accumulated in their portfolio can be very important. One of the most common methods for doing so is a cash-out refinance. For those who are … View more >>

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Understanding “Boot” in 1031 Exchanges

Definition The term “boot” is broadly defined as a taxpayer’s receipt of non-like-kind property in a 1031 exchange. As discussed more fully below, boot can come in many different forms. However, it is important to note that … View more >>

Image showing a building front view

Can you do a partial 1031 exchange?

To have a fully tax-deferred 1031 exchange, an exchanger must: (1) buy replacement property of equal or greater value; and (2) use all the net proceeds from the relinquished property towards their replacement properties. For a variety … View more >>

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