Foreign Properties and 1031 Exchanges

Like-Kind Exchange Within the United States Under IRC §1031, U.S. taxpayers can freely exchange investment properties within the 50 states and the District of Columbia. This means that a property owner in California can trade their property … View more >>

FIRPTA Withholding and 1031 Exchanges

Understanding FIRPTA: Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate The Foreign Investment in Real Property Transfer Act (IRC §1445 & Treasury Regulations §1.1445), commonly referred to as “FIRPTA,” is a federal law that imposes withholding requirements on certain … View more >>

Underperforming Assets and 1031 Exchanges

Underperforming real estate assets encompass a wide range of properties, including those in dire need of maintenance or updates, properties with high vacancy rates, or those situated in unfavorable locations. However, savvy investors can leverage the power … View more >>

Depreciation Recapture in a 1031 Exchange

Depreciation plays a vital role in determining the adjusted basis of property, making it a crucial element in the non-recognition provisions of IRC §1031. It enables taxpayers to deduct a reasonable amount for the wear and tear … View more >>

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