Partnership Issues In A 1031 Exchange

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An important issue when addressing partnership exchanges is the investment objective of the various partners. When all of the partners want to exchange, it’s easy to structure an exchange under Section 1031. It is, however, more difficult when partners have different investment objectives. Under IRC §1031(a)(2)(D), the IRS expressly prohibits the exchange of partnership interests […]

Maximizing Depreciation Benefits in 1031 Exchanges

Neighborhood in United States with Depreciating Real Estate

Real estate investors are well-versed in the advantages and disadvantages of 1031 exchanges. While the benefits of deferring taxes on gains and depreciation recapture are widely known, effectively managing depreciation within the exchange can be intricate. Nonetheless, navigating through the administrative complexities can lead individuals to optimize their depreciation strategies, thereby enhancing their free cash […]

Best 1031 Exchange Companies in California

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With high tax rates and even higher home prices, savvy property owners recognize California as the prime location for 1031 exchanges. There are however many rules and regulations to understand and it is imperative that you receive guidance from a competent and highly respected Qualified Intermediary to ensure full compliance with IRC Section 1031. Inside1031.com […]

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